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The New Testament-A Historical IntroductionTo The Early Christian Writings With so many textbooks on the New Testament from which to choose, it seems only fair to begin this one by indicating some of its distinctive features. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Wilken Judaism and the Early Christian Mind 1971 I use the designation Old Testament to refer to the ancient Hebrew Bible (Tanach, Jewish Scriptures) . ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) The True History of the Early Christian Church In the world today there are 961,122,000 professing Christians. "Christianity" is by far the LARGEST single religion on earth. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Narratives of the Beginning of the Early Christian Church As the number of believers continued to grow, it became obvious that securing a separate meeting space would become a necessity. While temple worship continued to be an important part of our devotional life ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) 1910) The Early Christians in Rome The foundation stories of the Roman congregations were laid largely by the Apostles Peter and Paul — Peter, so with one accord say the earliest contemporary writers, being the first apostle who preached in Rome. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) The Early Christians and Byzantines(Judy's report) Early Christian art and architecture is the art produced by Christians or under Christian patronage from about the year200 to about the year 500. Prior to 200there is no surviving art that can be called Christian with absolute certainty. After about 500 Christian art shows the beginnings of Byzantine artistic style. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Heresies in the Early Christian Church by Rev. Alcenir Oliveira The relevance of the context in which the Christian church was born for the study and understanding of heresy is of utmost importance. We have to bear in mind the transformation the Mediterranean, Mesopotamian and Persian region went through from the 3rd century BCE until the birth of Christianity. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) The Early Christian Attitude to War This is a book which stands in need of no introduction; it will make its own way by the demand for such a work, and by exact and patient scholarship with which that demand had here been met. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Mithras and the Early Christians As you walk about the streets of modern day Rome, you will see many amazing things, things such as the ancient forum or the old temples of the gods, many of which turned into catholic churches. You may even see a statue or two of forgotten Roman officials. However, one does not realize the secrets that this ancient city holds. What may seem to be a tourist haven from above may holds hocking surprises below its ancient rubble. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Pressensé. The early years of Christianity This Volume, like the preceding, has been specially prepared for the English Edition. Divided into three sections, it yet forms one whole, for its one theme is the great conflict of Primitive Christianity with Paganism. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Postmodernism in philosophy of religion and theology The term ‘postmodernism’ has been often heard in the closing decades of the twentieth century, first apparently used in the visual arts, then spreading to other areas, including philosophy and theology. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Leo Tolstoi - The Kingdom of God is within you In the year 1884 I wrote a book under the title "What I Believe," in which I did in fact make a sincere statement of my beliefs. In affirming my belief in Christ's teaching, I could not help explaining why I do not believe, and consider as mistaken, the Church's doctrine, which is usually called Christianity. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Contribution to Biblical and Patristic Literature This collection of documents represents the result of three years of gleaning in English and a foreign library, carried on by no means continuously and extended over no very wide field. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Oxford - Approaching the end The series presents discussions on topics of general concern to Christian Ethics, as it is currently taught in universities and colleges, at the level demanded by a serious student. The volumes will not be specialized monographs nor general introductions or surveys. They aim to make a contribution worthy of notice in its own right but also focused in such a way as to provide a suitable starting point for orientation. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Paul Damascus I was always attracted by this queer episode in Paul’s life. Queer not in itself but in the manner Paul succinctly speaks about it. Queer also because Paul, a staunch Pharisee, suddenly had to undergo such an experience, such an explosion that had to change his life so decidedly and so strikingly, from night to day. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!) Handbook of Patristic Exegesis - Bible in Ancient Christianity With an eye we are looking for the path to God in our present times, but with the second eye why not, we should look at every moment and signs of our ancestors who had engaged the fight against fear and unconsciousness reading the Bible. ... (Citiți tot mesajul!)









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Religia crestina in lumea de astazi

Pentru a clarifica afirmația că România este o țară creștină, afirmație trâmbițată de unii propagandiști care se pretind a fi vocea tradiției și apărători ai credinței creștine trebuie să pornim de la o anumită premisă...

uploaded: 29. 12. 2015

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Fanatismul religios

O credință religioasă foarte puternică poate duce la intoleranță atunci când întâlnește o altă credință religioasă la fel de puternică. Pentru un om care se angajează total într-o credință religioasă intoleranța față de alte religii este o tendință naturală...

uploaded: 15. 12. 2015

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